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Photos – Please refrain from taking any photographs or videos of your child training on the TV screen or through the viewing windows.


Clinics/Private Lessons/Camps – Once booked on, if you cancel or do not turn up, you will still be charged.


Training Sessions – On the rare occasion sessions may get cancelled, due to coaches being at different events, competitions or holiday breaks/bank holidays throughout the year. Our low fees compared to other clubs reflect these times when sessions get cancelled. No Refunds will be given when this does happen.


Squad Places - If your gymnast is part of a squad, you must pay for all sessions, not just the sessions your gymnasts can attend, as the place has been reserved. It is also a requirement that they attend all squad sessions – we do understand that children are sometimes ill or have family holidays.


Competition/Show Entry – Any entry fees paid for competitions or shows will not be refunded if your gymnasts can no longer attend. Please ensure that you can attend before committing to an event. 


Membership/Block/Taster Fees – No membership, block or taster fees will be refunded if your gymnast leaves the club within the period you have paid for, or fails to attend their taster session


Session Viewing - Should viewing become disruptive to training, the club or others, we reserve the right to restrict/cancel viewing time.


Block Re-enrolment – Failure to make your block payment by the end of Week 8, will result in the space being offered to someone on the waiting list. After this we cannot guarantee your gymnast a space in any class, and they may need to go back onto the waiting list.


Coach Contact – Coaches are not to be contacted through their personal social media accounts, and only via email to arrange private lessons. For updates on your gymnasts progress, an email to the club is required and a convenient time to discuss will be arranged. Do not approach any coaches in the gym for this.


Questions – All questions need to be emailed or asked at the office, not to coaches in between class change over.


Late Payments – Any payments that are not authorised by midnight on the last Sunday of the current block, will incur a late payment charge of £5. Together with this, if you authorise your payment before the date, but this subsequently fails, you will then be charged a £5 late payment fee.

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